Interesting Aberdeen

26 March 2009: Hairy Bikers @ The Music Hall

Si King, one half of the Hairy Bikers duo, unbuttons his shirt and caresses his hairy man boobs whilst cooking a curry. An unexpected sight for a Friday night but nudity was on the menu.

The Aberdonian crowd lost it’s stiffness and revealed a jovial side in the presence of the bikers. Si and his best friend Dave Myers talked us through their lives with plenty of laughs. Slapstick jokes revealed them as a comedy duo as well as great cooks.

A story (with wonderful actions) involving Si accidentally using Domestos wipes as toilet paper instead of anti-bacterial ones had the crowd falling off their chairs in fits of laughter.

In-between the banter the bikers cooked up what smelled like heaven. The smell of South Indian king prawn coconut curry filled the Music Hall as the audience licked their lips. However only one couple were treated to the meal on stage. They got to see Si’s NIgella Lawson impression close up. Yes that’s why he was caressing his chest. The couple soon forgot all eyes were on them and cleared their plates.

A cringe-worthy taste test in the second half proved entertaining when the woman volunteer failed to tell the difference between white and red wine and the male volunteer mixed up pork with beef. They were still rewarded for their efforts and treated to a juicy fillet steak bathed in butter, cooked cherry tomatoes and piping hot linguine.

Steam rose from the pots and pans on stage and hovered by the top of the organ and across to the balcony. The mouth watering smell felt like a heavenly scratch and sniff. Perhaps that’s the next step for television after high definition. Our senses would be in for a treat.

Film snippets of past adventures were sprinkled in between the stories and cooking. The entertainment culminated in an ending which sounds like a dream. Dave appeared in a tight purple body suit and pranced around singing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ while Si belted a miniature drum kit. The Che Guevara tattoo which they both got in Argentina looked brilliant next to the purple shiny material stuck to Dave.

A well deserved standing ovation followed. The crowd poured out of the venue with Hairy Bikers’ recipes in their programmes. No doubt vegetarians came out the closet and everyone dreamed of the majestic steak that night.

17 March 2010

Coco Violet is an Aberdeen based fashion boutique situated in the ideal surroundings of The Green. Next to Cafe 52. There are lots of vintage inspired clothes and accessories and it is an absolutely gorgeous boutique for a good rake around. Check it out here

19 February 2010

London may be at the other end of the country to Aberdeen but we should be taking note of London Fashion Week as the clothes will be appearing in our shops before you can say Autumn 2010! As the shops are currently filling up with bikinis and sorbet spring colours and if you haven’t noticed there is snow everywhere the Autumn Winter 2010 catwalk shows are more relevant to the weather now than ever.

You can watch live streaming of the catwalk drama here.

Log onto to the Penny Lane blog for more Life and Style.

2 March 2010

Friends of Duthie Park to hold AGM – Aberdeen City Council PRESS RELEASE
An annual general meeting of the Friends of Duthie Park will be held in the David Welch Winter Gardens on Tuesday, 16 March at 7.30pm.

It follows the public meeting on 18 February about re-establishing the group.

The AGM will be chaired by solicitor Tony Dawson. All interested parties are invited to attend.

If you have any queries regarding this, or any other news story, please contact Aberdeen City Council on: 08456 080910.

10 December 2009

This TV package was made in December 2009 when students at Gray’s School of Art in The Robert Gordon University decided to sell their designs to the public for the first time.  This was linked into the Scottish textile industry.


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  1. Claire

    Rach, I can’t believe I haven’t watched this yet, this is really cool! Nice one!

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